Sanatani Rombola was born in Florence, Italy to parents who were very much associated with the Indian culture. And thus at birth she was given an Indian name. She grew up in a vegetarian home where Krishna was quite the focal point of attention. Since a tender age she had a natural inclination towards the cultural arts. She would force her dad to take her to the temple to witness the activities and sit thru the elder girl’s rehearsals and performances. At the age of six her dream came true and she started training in Bharatanatyam, till the age of nine.

p11302021As fate had it, in 1991, when she was only nine years old, her family moved to Jagannath Puri, Orissa. As soon as she reached India she started her search for a suitable dance teacher. Not knowing the language or where to start she recalls, she would just ask people on the streets if they knew of a dance teacher. Then finally, after hot pursuit, she was sent to the last existing devadasi in Jagannath puri. With much pride to this day she feels blessed to have been initiated into the spiritual dance form of Odissi by such an exulted living soul… although her first dance lesson by her, was her last dance lesson as well, she was then directed to her second dance Guru, Srimati Bijaya Laxmi Dash who taught at the Sinhari school of arts.

_mg_21311Instantly there was a connection and Sanatani was totally adopted by the Guru into her family. There she lived with them for six straight years. She would go to school, study dance and eventually spoke fluent Oriya and fully imbibed the traditional Oriya lifestyle. After one year of joining the Sinhari dance school, when only ten years old, she started performing on stage, locally and nationally.

After completing her BA studies in Jagannath Puri she finally went back home to Italy at the age of 21. At this point of life she was having doubts as to if dance was really her chosen path. While exploring her options in the western world dance never left her. As it was destined, even in Italy, Odissi pursued her. She would randomly be asked to perform at different cultural events all over europe. That’s when she realized that it was Lord Jagannath’s pre-ordained plan for her to follow on. That’s when she decided that it was time to take her dance to the next step.

_mg_20481After quite some research, in 2006 she met Shrimati Sujata Mohapatra, the daughter –in-law of the world renowned Odissi dancer, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Instantly she fell in love with Sujata Apa and rigorously started training under her. Although it was hard in the beginning as styles had to be changed and perfection sought, she found new inspiration in her dedication towards dance. Her love and dedication towards Odissi has made her today Sujata Apa’s prize student. By the mercy of Lord Jagannath, Sanatani continues to mesmerize audiences with her performances


14 Responses to “About me”

  1. Shyamhari Says:

    Dear Sanatani,
    I am happy to know more about you through this newly constructed Blog. In fact I did not know about your past in details.
    I liked the way you have introduced yourself.
    Thank you.
    Put a few more photos. At least one with Sujata Apa.
    Who is Bijoylaxmi Das. your guru? Biju Apa (Bijaylaxmi Mohanty) or Meena Apa(Pankaj Sir’s daughter?)
    How r u and when r we meeting next?
    Shyamhari Bhai

  2. Soumya Says:

    Am glad to know about you and your love towards Odisha culture and Odishi Dance.

    May Lord Jagannath give you more success in all your endeavours.

    Am featuring your snaps on my site.
    Thanks for these lovely snaps.

    Jai Jagannath.

  3. Soumya Says:

    If possible pls send me some more snaps in different different colour Odishi costumes and if possible send me some stage performance snaps too to my mail

    Thanks again

    Jai Jagannath.

  4. Hi Sanatani,

    You might not know me, but I know you quite well….I got married to Karthik Darbha (from Andhra Pradesh, India) two years back….and year back we got gifted by the Divine – a little girl named akshara.

    Karthik oftens talks about you, as to how he shared such good friendship with you.

    Now after such long time, we have come across each other. Lets be friends, and stay in touch.

    May god bless you with more love and blessings all throughout your life.

    Warm Regards


    • sanatani Says:

      ooooooooo.. u are Karthik’s wife!!! well very nice to meet u after such long time. how is Karthik… and ur baby?? listen are u on facebook??? or lets be in touch via email… mine is if u are on facebook than better…. hope to hear from u..

  5. kaykay Says:

    Hi! Sanatani,
    I came across this blog while searching for some photographs of Puri in the google search. How are you?Hey! do you remember me? I’m the little(3ft man) freind of Ghani(photgrapher). You had been to our exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar.
    Glad to kbow more about you through this blog.
    You have my best wishes for your success in all your endeavour. Hoping to see your live performance some day.

    • sanatani Says:

      HI there.. amaizing u remember me from that long. and i do remember u. its been soo long… any idea where Ghani is?? anyways hope to catch up with u in bhubaneshwar some day.. my best wishes

  6. Karthik Darbha Says:

    Hi How are you?
    It has been years now that I spoke to you.
    where r u now?

  7. Riccardo Says:

    Again, i would tell you my falling in love seeing you dancing. Again, i saw i’m not in error. Nothing concerning with you and your husband, but i felt great sensation.

  8. Shubhayan Sanatani Says:

    As you can see, my last name is the same as your first name. I would be very interested to know how your parents came to choose this unique name. My father’s father made up this as a surname for his sons.


    • sanatani Says:

      hi there…. my parents let their Guru choose this name for me! and since we follow Sanatana Dharma, i guess for a girl it became Sanatani. and also its one of Durga’s names…

  9. click here Says:

    How come you do not have your site viewable in wap format? Can not view anything in my phone.

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